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What is a regenetarian?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A regenetarian tries to eat great food that does good - for people, farm animals and nature.  

Okay - sounds laudable - but what does it mean in reality?  The ambition sort of grabs everything up and says, 'I wanna do it right', which is a tough ask.  

A regenetarian could be a constant worrier (which I kind of am), or someone chilled and down with mother nature (which I'd like to be), or just a well-informed citizen of planet earth trying to make reasonable choices in the supermarket while being bombarded by the demands of two unruly children (that's definitely me).

Unfortunately there isn't a 'suitable for regenetarians' label, which doesn't help.  If I was a vegetarian, life would be easy.  As a vegan, I might have to read the ingredients carefully, but you know, I could cope.  Instead, I've chosen a hard graft citizen-shopper lifestyle, with constantly moving goalposts, that requires me to update my PhD in 'WTF?' every time I go out for a tin of baked beans.

A regenetarian is looking for good nutrition, high labour standards, great farm animal welfare, low global warming impact, from food produced in systems that restore nature and support local economies.  Which narrows down the choices somewhat.  No more Pot Noodle for me.

For most people full blown regenetarianism is impossible.  So this blog is about that.  My aim - and please bear with me because both the blog and the technology are new to me - is to write about the search for better food and food systems.  It will be about regenerative agriculture, conflicting science, and the trade offs we all have to wade through.  The hope is that it'll help you make more informed decisions - and help you feel better about being less than perfect.

As we move forward I hope that the blog will feature guest writers - and I'll certainly try to link to and feature articles and conversations from other people, even if they appear on other websites.

The blog is also an adopted sibling for the Farm Gate podcast, in which I'm trying tackle similar questions by producing thoughtful conversations about climate and food security.  The podcast is produced with FAI Farms and is hosted on their website.  Please follow the link and have a listen.

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