About The Blog

This is me. Up a Scottish mountain with my dog and a sprog. 

I've worked all over the place, first in theatre, then politics (sort of theatre), & now in policy.  I'm the chief exec. of Farmwel, a think tank working for climate, nature, and food security.  Oh, and I produce the Farm Gate podcast, where you'll find programmes with truly inspirational guests working to deliver sustainable food.

I've got two kids, both boys, both loud, both courageous and lovely, with boundless energy that I struggle to keep up with. My wonderful wife works in heritage and is half Brit, half Kiwi (not sure which half is which). Our dog is Bramble, and he is the closest thing to a daemon (Philip Pullman reference) that a real live human-being could hope to live with.

You can also find me on Twitter.